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Destiny 2 has arrived.

d2 slide 1
Dylan our newest writer weighs in for the first time with a love letter to Destiny 2. The Editor gripes about the game for a bit at the end, because it needed more “seasoning” enjoy. Dylan’s Score: (10/10) Carson’s Score: (7/10) GGinc Average Score: (8.5/10)

Glenn’s Been Busy!

Check out his Fire Emblem Echoes Review! It’s his first review piece for us and I must say it doesn’t disappoint.

promo320094836 (1)
Glenn-Tendo’s First Review gets into Fire Emblems: Echoes of Valentia (9/10)

“The Gaming Guru” Carson’s Recent Review

We were already on board with the Player Unknown’s Hype Game before it hit the full media explosion post E3 console announce. Call of duty should be scared.

Check out the review on Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds(9/10)

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