Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Review 10/10(Wii U Version)

TLDR: The game was incredible, the variety of content, beautiful vistas, creative combat and mechanics, was all held back by FPS and performance issues. Probably the best Zelda game ever made, but I still love Wind Waker More…


I know, I’m late to the party. Fair enough. But, what I offer is a complete review of the game, I’m at 120 of 120 shrines cleared. I found most of the secrets just naturally exploring the world. Things I really liked about the game, well most of it. Exploring is just so damn fun in the game that you can’t help but glide around and kill things(btw… Cool way to glide as far as you want, fire arrows and grass. Shoot one at the ground as you decline to keep gliding as long as your stamina and fire arrows hold out…) The sneak gear really helps when you’re sneaking up on horses, animals, etc. but not so much on monsters. It’s okay sometimes, but for taming and riding things it’s downright awesome. The sandbox is amazing, you have so many options for weird combat that the breakable weapons never actually feel like to much of a burden, and if you progress through the main quest objectives that problem mostly resolves itself.

Critical Score Values:

Art Style Atmosphere and Ambiance(includes music score): 2.5/2.5

The game looks incredible the draw distance and scenic vistas of hyrule are down right amazing, the music while sparse, is always around, amplifying the mood of the quite travel during exploration. It’s the score for bosses and more intense sequences is incredible as ever.


Combat, Collectibles, Armor and Weapons: 2.5/2.5

The way all of the games abilities and combat situations can work out are amazing. All you need to kill most things is a magnetic boulder, as one you-tuber likes to do. But whatever approach you take to combat is your own, is Link a crafty mage who uses his environment to fell foes? Is he a brutal gladiator who gets right into the action with sword board and food buffs galore? Or do you prefer the sneaky rogue link, the one who sets traps and prefers to deal with enemies via their weaknesses. The sheer number of different albeit fungible weapons is fantastic. My friend told me I used trash weapons, and that’s fairly true, I love to kill foes with their own weapons, and if it doesn’t quite break. Armor, well, did you want Link to be a girl, are you cool with cross dressing? Yeah, they covered that angle, as well as the heavy armor favoring folks. Using your armor to fit the environment is one way to tackle the problem. Food works too.

Exploration and Mechanics: 2.5/2.5

Yep, the exploration and mechanics are where the game loses it’s point one off of a perfect score. Why does it lose .1 of a point? Well simply put performance issues. The games inconsistent FPS spikes is the major killer of the game, and it’s worth a whopping .1…(A recent patch even reduced most of it so I’m revising my final score after completing the game) Anyways, gliding, bombing(try both sometime!), sneaking, taming, freezing water, stopping time to exploit physics, making your own aircraft, talking to monsters, what-not and what have you, the game is fun and even more fun to tinker around with. The world is chocked full of things to catch your eye, and no matter what way you go you run into cool stuff.

Taming horses wasn’t really my thing, but I did name all of them Roach.


Narrative: 2.5/2.5

The narrative is told at your own pace, by going to places where things happened. Trying not to be to spoilery as that’s one of the core mysteries of the game. I’m still not sure what Zelda timeline it takes place in. Some people say they know, but I haven’t found anything conclusive(IF YOU HAVE YOU ARE OBLIGATED TO SHARE IT WITH ME….) But, yeah, even if you don’t actually believe you’re Link and wanna assume a new identity as professional mountain climber and explorer, the game will pay off. The idea, the player creates mini-stories was fully delivered, the overarching story-line exists, but if you don’t care, it doesn’t need to be done, although as with any game it does come with some amazing rewards.

Any how this concludes my first game review for Gaming Guru. Thanks for reading. Comment,  Share, RSS.

Carson Hiltbrand

3 thoughts on “Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Review 10/10(Wii U Version)”

  1. Hi! You stopped by my work today (err technically yesterday) and dropped me your card because we nerded over Zelda.

    I love your reviews that I’ve read so far and your site layout is nice! 🙂 Hope to see more. Please drop any tricks for making rupees and a good shrine map (I use the one on IGN currently)

    Also followed your page on FB (not the same name I had on my nametag at work, my fandom account it way more used so I am using that one) .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m currently out of the office right now, but I’ll get back to you later today with fairy locations, money making tips, some Don’t miss items and how to get them, id also be happy to help find some of the harder to hunt down shrines if you highlight them on the map I’ll write a quick how-to for each one.


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