Heroes of the Storm 2.0

The most recent content patch for Heroes changes things up quite a bit. All for the better. The heroes team took a lot of queues from the Overwatch Lootbox model and added to heroes of the storm. It’s a more rewarding system that encourages players to keep playing for more chances at skins for their favorite heroes.


In addition to adding a new map Hanamura, and a new Hero, Genji (my Overwatch main and yes, “I need healing”) they added Hero Megapacks and gave everyone currency to buy one.


The packs contain 20 free heroes, and is an amazing way to encourage Moba players who have become disinterested in the rapidly homogenizing League of Legends who likely spent more on League champs, and aren’t as willing to buy the heroes needed for hero league in Heroes of the storm, also removing a barrier that prevented players from entering Ranked play.  You had buy enough heroes and get the to high enough level, now you just need to have the requisite number at high enough levels. All of these changes are geared to grow the community and increase the number of players getting into Hero League, which could create an E-sports scene for the game.

Which makes sense given that Blizzard is heavily investing in E-Sports. Anyways, If you haven’t tried HoTS now is the perfect time to get into it.(Overwatch players get your sweet Officer D.Va Skin!!!!)

If you need someone to play with don’t hesitate to add me Hilthoodie#1162

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