Sizzlin’ Hot Summer Steam

The wonderful days of summer are here again my friends, and with it marvelous discounts on games! As ever with Steam you have a collection of unique Indie Titles, and the Industries Triple A produced staples. 

(Video is mostly unrelated but still awesome)

Steam’s Summer Sale is Back!!!

Various Sales Percentages for Steams Summer Sales
The Weird Church of Gabenism’s doesn’t lie, discounts as high as 90% off! (Image Credit: GameDebate

Today’s Highlights: 

Prison Architect Version 2.0: $7.49 (-75%)

Dying Light: The Following: $23.99(-60%)

Lost Castle: $5.99(-40%)

XPlane11: $44.39(-26%)

Euro Truck Simulator 2: $4.99 (-75%)

Tomb Raider Franchise: Discounts range from -60%~80%

Lego Video Games: Discounts range from -33%~ 75%

Helldivers: $9.99 (-50%)

Outlast II: 23.99 (-20%)

Rocket League: $11.99 (-40%)

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun: $29.99 (-25%)

Scrap Mechanic: $11.99 (-40%)

Stellaris: $19.99 (50%)

Endless Space: Emperor Edition: $4.99 (-75%)

NBA2K17: $14.99 (-75%)

For Honor: $40.19(-33%)

Project Cars: $9.89 (-67%)

Killing Floor 2: The Summer Side Show: $14.99 (-50%)

Hope you find some sweet steals for your summer, have a great Friday.

Remember the sale ends 7/5!

-Big Changes coming for Gaming Guru Inc! Carson(Founder/Editor-In-Chief)





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