CoD Fans cry for more UI in PUBG…

The UI is currently a trade off of being able checking your inventory, At the cost of vision of your surroundings. So does PUBG need more UI?


Blue Hole is handling this in an incredible by the way, they started a poll. Part of the point of the game is surviving, opening your inventory is risky, but it can save your life or change outcomes. It should have a punishment, you shouldn't know what grenades you have if you didn't pay attention to what you picked up. Careful looting is already a key aspect of the game, know what you need, and what's just gonna slow you down.

I could see how you could want to know what grenades you have, or be able to quickly use a bandage to save your neck. That's the point though, the menu helps create the tension that makes this game so compelling to play.

IF you think I'm nuts, comment below, otherwise help Blue Hole Make their decision by voting here!

You can read my full PUBG review here!

2 thoughts on “CoD Fans cry for more UI in PUBG…”

    1. Yessir! You can, I’m pretty sure I didn’t know that when I wrote it. But I still think knowing “how much of what” is the biggest trade off. Also they pretty much gave in to the UI requests. It’ll tell you what slots you have… thankfully no quantities.


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