The Worst Game I played in 2017 Mass Effect: Andromeda

Mass Effect Andromeda

Mass Effect: Andromeda is a joke of a game, and what a horrid prank it was on the Mass Effect fan-base<DERP LIVE EDIT> It’s pretty simple, Electronic Arts doesn’t like its fans, and it doesn’t like its own Games, but the thing they like the least? Quality Control.

It loves to crash your hardware about as much as it loves to crash it’s own software, looks horrendous, plays worse then the last mass effect, stepping backwards into worse game-play is never a way to reward returning fans. Abilities and character creation shoe horn you into the first three abilities you buy, as diminishing returns will slap your will to level anything else. Did I mention that it’s ugly as hell? The quests are trite  nonsense you’d expect in a decade old MMORPG, not a 2017 Single Player Release.

Score Given: Steer Clear

– Carson, The Gaming Guru

*Review Copy Purchased by Reviewer*

3 thoughts on “The Worst Game I played in 2017 Mass Effect: Andromeda”

  1. I have mixed feelings about ME:A. On one hand its a mass effect game and i can kind of appreciate the storytelling, but on the other the execution is just…awful. It got so bad that they scrapped the entire story i heard. I want to finish it but…I put it in, go to the new aliens planet to do missions and get bored haha. There arent any good real love interests either. I mean Pheboe is…ok but the human is just bland. I want to play through it twice but Its been months since i touched it the first time. I DO like the multiplayer though.

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    1. I didn’t see any mixed feelings, you thought the main game was pretty bad, and you tried really hard to like the game, so much so you tried the P2W Multiplayer and liked it. I always thought the multiplayer in Bioware games was just added purely so they could offer micro-transactions. I’ve never heard anyone say, “Yeah, I just picked up the new ME game for the Multiplayer.” Simply because there are about 500 better Space Opera themed MMOs.


      1. Yeah youre right, the main game was bad, but the multiplayer wasnt pay to win. I never spent a dime and I maxed out nearly everything I wanted and had most of the classes by the time I stopped. The lootbox system there Is flawed a bit in the fact that its a gamble to get what you want, but you can play the game fine and still get it in a reasonable amount of time. Since its basically skill based and not PvP you aren’t hurting anyone by dropping money on the lootboxes if you want. I played it enough that getting through gold was easy and plat took a little teamwork with lower leveled characters. I bought out all of the bronze and silver packs to the point where they literally didn’t give me anything but items anymore. Other pay to win systems and lootboxes are horrible because it pits the free player against the paid player with an obvious difference in equipment ala Battlefront 2. This type of implementation of the lootbox system i dont mind because its not intrusive. Theres no,”Get this character only if you buy this lootbox with a slight chance” like Current gatcha games. If the guy wants to spend $1000 on lootboxes and carry the team against outsiders on plat, be my guest.

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