Digital Therapy

Ayo, This is the official landing page for Digital Therapy’s YouTube channel.

Curious what they do? This sums it up in 1:20!

Digital Therapy+Gaming Guru Inc = Awesome.

Annnnd….we’re LIVE! Carson (Gaming Guru) and I confirm the ILLUMINATI and finally get into that first area of Bloodborne!

As well Happy 4th of July to all the DT homies out there! We friggin love you dawg and hope you have a kick ass day!

Digital Therapy Commits Grand Theft Auto

We are back at it with some more custom grand theft auto maps! This time we choose a parkour bike course, justin thinks that he is better than Tony Hawk, and we mow down on some sour gummy worms!


As we roid rage our way into the bandit camp, on this episode of Fable Anniversary, we get some seriously trashy loot and I learn my newest super move.

 History Lesson:
The Gaming Guru team and the Digital Therapy Crew started off making a podcast together. They kept making videos and Carson kept writing and making on and off appearances on the show. Our content has improved massively since we started in 2015. We’re proud of where we started and how far we’ve come. Thanks For Caring about our history, it means a lot.